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Nokia Lumia 521 Unlock Code (T-Mobile ONLY)

Unlock your cell phone for any Carrier in the World! The whole process is safe, easy, & only takes a few minutes. Finally have the freedom to use your phone on whatever carrier you choose!

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Four Easy Steps
Unlocking your phone online has never been easier, Let us explain! Locate your phone by either selecting one of the manufacturers above or using the phone finder directly to the left. Add your details, payment information, and checkout. We will email you the Unlock code and instructions to your email before you know it!!

Best Price Guarantee
Here at TheUnlockingCompany we promise you will get the best price, online or locally!! If you happen to stumble upon something lower, contact us before you purchase and we will beat it. 100% Guaranteed!

100% safe and secure
How do you know TheUnlockingCompany is safe? Not only have we been in business for almost a decade and to date have unlocked over 3 million phones, but we are a registered and verified business located right here in the U.S.! On top of that, we have a full office of trained professionals working 24/7 around the clock to answer any question you have. We promise you are in very good hands!!

24/7 live support
Most companies don't even have an email to contact, no less a contact number. Not the story with us! We are here around the clock, ready and willing to answer any question or address any issue you'd ever imagine!! Telephone, email, skype, live chat; we do it all! We are here every step of the way for you

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If you're looking to unlock your phone you came to the right place! The whole process only takes a few minutes, requires no technical knowledge, and can be done from the comfort and convenience of your own home. No need to spend a fortune at a local shop or wait weeks for your code to arrive, over 99% of our unlocks are sent in only minutes! So how does the whole thing work? It's easy! Simply enter your phones information above, checkout securely via Paypal or credit card, and we will email you the Unlock Code & easy unlocking instructions before you know it. Finally have the freedom to use your phone on whatever carrier you choose! 100% customer satisfaction on every purchase! If you have any questions we're open 24/7 and look forward to hearing from you
Everything you want to know about phone unlocking!
  • Who are we and what do we do?
  • So what exactly is phone unlocking?
  • How do I do this online then?
  • What are the main benefits of unlocking my phone?
  • After I unlock my phone what carriers can I use?
  • Will interent/data work after unlocking?
  • Yeah but am I safe purchasing online?
  • I ordered, now what?
  • Do you have a troubleshooting guide?
  • Can I cancel my order after I paid?
  • What is the difference between "All Countires" and "EU Carrier Locked?"
  • What if my phone is blacklisted?
  • Where are you located and am I dealing with actual people?
  • Is this a well known trusted company?
  • My phone is asking for a password or a pattern lock!
  • What if you can't unlock my phone?
  • What is 100% customer satisfaction guarantee?
  • Verizon and Sprint (CDMA phones)
  • So what phones can't we unlock?
  • What is our privacy policy?
  • Can I unlock my phone anywhere I want?
  • After I order how do I track my purchase?
  • Do I need any wires or cables to unlock my phone?
  • So once I get my unlock code how do I unlock my phone?
  • Will it void the warranty or harm the phone in any way?
  • Once I unlock it can I update the OS or factory restore it?
  • After I unlock my phone will I ever have to unlock it again?
  • Under carrier, when checking out, what should I select?
  • Is it illegal or looked down on if I unlock my phone?
  • After I unlock my phone can I keep using my current carrier?
  • Will it somehow effect my current contract?
  • Will they know if I unlock it or get mad at me?
  • Why are some codes instant while others take a few days?
  • Why do I have to pay for the unlock code?
  • Why are some codes cheap while others more expensive?
  • How do I pay and is my information safe?
  • I am traveling abroad, do I need to unlock it?
  • I want to switch to a different carrier, can you help?
  • Can I unlock my phone and use it on a cheaper pre-paid carrier?
  • Is it true if I unlock my phone it raises the value?
  • Will I lose any of my information like games apps or contacts?
  • If I unlock my phone will every feature still work?
  • Will everything work on my phone once I start using a new carrier?
  • So be honest is there any negatives to unlocking?
  • I'm not sure which product to pick what should I do?
  • How do I know my phones locked?
  • If my phone or carrier isn't listed what should I do?
  • If I live in a different country can you still unlock my phone?
  • If I use a different currency can I still use your services?
  • If English isn't my first language will this be difficult?
  • If I have any questions after my purchase will you help me?
  • My phone model or carrier is not listed!
  • Can you unlock phones that have 0 tries left?
  • If I purchase more than one code can I get a discount?
  • Do you have any promotions or discount codes?
  • Can I get a wholesale rate If I keep coming back?
  • So, what do I do next?
Hello and welcome! We are The Unlocking Company; a San Diego, California based company that specializes in factory unlocking your cell phone. There are many reasons why you would want to unlock your cell phone, here are a few: If you are traveling abroad and want to use your cell phone on the local network when you arrive. Another reason would be you would like to switch to a carrier with better service or a cheaper monthly bill. Finally, unlocking your phone will raise the value of your phone. We would love to help you unlock your phone for whatever reason. We believe every person deserves the freedom to use their phone on whatever carrier/network they choose. You came to the right place as we offer the most competitive prices in the market along with the fastest delivery times. We unlock thousands of cell phones in over 150 different countries on a weekly basis; it's what we love to do and we even think we're pretty good at it too! We have been in the industry for 7 years and unlike most fly by night websites you'll find, your order and payment information is safe. (We use Paypal which is 100% secure and protects your information. See FAQ for information on Paypal) Our customers love us as well but don't take our word for it, check out our customer testimonial videos or ResellerRatings. Unlocking the phone itself only takes a few minutes to days instead of weeks (for most phones), requires absolutely no technical knowledge, and can be done from the comfort of your own home. If you have any questions whatsoever with regards to unlocking your cell phone, please live chat, call or email us. We would love to hear from you.
When a carrier sells a phone to you or anyone else they place a software lock on it, making it impossible to use your phone on a different carrier. In turn people are forced to purchase a brand new expensive phone every time they switch carrier's and pay horribly expensive roaming charges every time they travel. It's your phone, you should be able to do with it what you please. Cell phone unlocking is unlocking your phone to use on another carrier, plain and simple. It disables that network lock and allows you to enter any sim card from any carrier you choose. All it requires is typing a short unlock code into the cell phone's dial pad and pressing enter. No cables, confusing directions, or technical smarts needed. It's as easy as making a phone call! Cell Phones have so many amazing capabilities, this is one of them! Unlocking your cell phone opens up the full potential of your cell phone and helps enhance the user experience to the max! Because cell phone unlocking has become so popular the last few years we get people from all over the globe and from all walks of life. Family's trying a network with a better plan, people saving money by switching to a cheaper pre-paid carrier, service men and women serving overseas, student's studying abroad for the semester, entrepreneurs who buy and sell phones, the list goes on and on. What are you waiting for? Let's unlock your phone!
Unlocking your phone online is the easiest, fastest, and most convenient way of unlocking your cell phone guaranteed! The whole process is incredibly easy, only takes a few steps, and requires absolutely zero technical knowledge. So, let's get started! First, you'll want to get your phones 15 digit "IMEI" number by typing *#06# into the dial-pad, this is the phones serial number and is specific to only your phone. Second, using the drop-down buttons above, enter your phones: Country purchased from, Original Carrier, Manufacturer, Model, & finally your phones IMEI number that you got earlier. Click "Get Unlocking Code" and check out securely via Paypal. We will retrieve the Unlock Code from their manufacturer database, and lastly send it back to us. We will email you the unlock code & unlocking instructions to the email that you provide us in the time stated on the website. Once received, simply power on your cell phone with a sim card that belongs to a different carrier than that of your phone, soon as the phone boots up it will immediately recognize the non accepted sim card and a box will pop up prompting you to enter the unlock code. After you do so, double check it's correct, press enter, and it will alert you it's been accepted. Your phone may or may not re-boot, and now your phone is 100% factory unlocked for any carrier in the world! You now have the freedom to use your phone on whatever carrier you choose! Unlocking your phone has truly never been easier!
The most common one would be unlocking your phone in order to switch networks. Millions of people do this on a weekly basis across the globe, it is actually a very common and beneficial thing that most phone owner's will do over the life span of their favorite phone. A few of the main reasons people find themselves switching carrier's every couple years is lower prices, larger coverage, better plans, faster 4g speed, special offers, and much more. Not to mention, the list of carrier's to choose from is growing by the year! What's important to us and a huge benefit of unlocking is when they move from carrier to carrier people are able to keep using the same phone without having to purchase a brand new one every time they switch. The beauty of an unlocked phone is you just simply enter the new carrier's sim card and it picks up signal within seconds. The second of the two main benefits to unlocking your phone is being able to travel and not worry about roaming charges. Bring your unlocked phone with you and once you arrive at your destination simply purchase a local pre-paid sim card, enter it and walla it works! Save hundreds during your trip and when you get home just swap that out for your old sim card and you're back in business. This works great for people going on vacation, traveling for work, study abroad or our military stationed overseas. Hope this was able to help you understand the world of unlocking a little more and all the great things that come with it.
Once unlocked you will be able to use any Gsm Carrier in the world! As long as the carrier uses sim cards, more than 99% currently do, then you are good to go my friend! This includes all post paid networks, prepaid networks, little networks, big networks, domestic networks, international networks, on and on. Wireless freedom at the tip of your fingers! There's over 750 different carrier's in the world and you are free to indulge. Travel to any country on the globe and never have to worry about falling out of touch or getting slammed with ridiculous roaming charges. Swap sim cards back and forth as many times as you please until you find the right network for you. There's a lot of companies out there fighting for your business and we see no reason why you should be tied down to just one for years at a time. Having an unlocked phone puts you in the power position and gives you the options to choose! You cannot use your phone on any CDMA network once unlocked, which includes Sprint, Verizon, Boost and US Cellular to name a few.
Unlocking a cell phone will allow the phone to call/text on any GSM network in the world. To get data/internet going it it as simple as getting the APN settings from the new carrier (that you plan on using). Just get ahold of the new carrier and ask them for this. Once you move it over, everything (in most scenarios) will work as it did before. Data and the service we provide (Phone unlocking) are separate and not the same thing. Unlocking the phone will allow calls/text. Enabling the data deals with the new carrier and not phone unlocking.
Absolutely. Every purchase is 100% safe and secure. Our website is Trustwave verified and encrypted. We use Paypal as our processor: How secure is the PayPal site? The PayPal site is highly secure. We use industry-leading technology (such as SSL) to keep your information safe. PayPal automatically encrypts your confidential information in transit from your computer to ours using the Secure Sockets Layer protocol (SSL) with an encryption key length of 128-bits (the highest level commercially available). Before you even register or log in to the PayPal site, our server checks that you're using an approved browser - one that uses SSL 3.0 or higher. Once your information reaches the PayPal site, it resides on a server that is heavily guarded both physically and electronically. PayPal servers sit behind an electronic firewall and are not directly connected to the internet, so your private information is available only to authorized computers. PayPal is committed to protecting the privacy of our users. When you send or request money using PayPal, recipients never see your bank account numbers or credit card numbers. They only see your email address, date of sign-up, and whether or not you have completed PayPal's Verification process.
When you order you will immediately receive a confirmation email to the Paypal email followed by an email containing the unlock code, unlocking instructions, and our contact information if you have any questions. PLEASE NOTE: If you have not received an email from us, please check your spam or promotions tab (in gmail) (as sometimes for whatever reason our mail gets flagged as such) Also the email we will be sending everything to is your Paypal email. You can also email us and inquiry on your order if you haven't received anything. Most the time the code email is in the spam folder if you haven't received it in a timely fashion. The delivery time on the website is listed in business days (Monday - Friday) We do everything in our power to return the code within the delivery time listed on the website. While 90% of our codes are returned within that time frame, there are some that get stuck in the system or there is issues that sometime occur that will delay the code. Please be patient and understand we will get you your unlock code or refund your original purchase.
Yes, indeed we do. Go to this link:
As soon as you order, your specific IMEI is sent to the manufacturer to be unlocked. Most of our orders are automatically processed and hence cannot be cancelled. For the orders that take a couple of days this is the same case, we already submitted it and it cannot be cancelled. If for some reason the code is wrong, we will however, supply you with a new code or refund your purchase.
If your phone is locked to an EU carrier (any carrier in the EU (UK, France, Spain etc) you would order the EU carrier locked version. If your phone is locked to any other carrier worldwide (besides the EU) you would choose All Countries.
At the moment, we cannot unlock blacklisted or stolen phones. If you submit an order of a blacklisted/stolen you will not be refunded. Please make sure prior to ordering your phone is not blacklisted or stolen. To check to make sure your phone is not blacklisted check out: If your phone is hard locked (or has 0 attempts to enter the code) and you order a code, we cannot refund you as well. Email us at if you are not sure if your phone is blacklisted or hard locked. If your phone is refurbished the code will also not work, please do not order if your phone is refurbished.
Our main office is based out of San Diego, USA. Every aspect of our company from start to finish is done by our trained professionals.
Don't take our word for it! Check out our reseller ratings page located at or our customer video testimonials on our homepage. On any given month we receive visitors from over 120 different countries. We take what we do very seriously and work hard to keep our reputation as one of the best unlocking companies in the world.
Sadly we cannot help you with phone passwords (set by individuals) sim locks (where a sim password is needed) or pattern locks on the phone. If you order an unlock code thinking it will get you past the password or pattern lock, it will not. You will not be refunded for ordering a code when you need a password/pattern lock. Our service is a network unlock code used to unlock the network of your phone to use any GSM carrier worldwide!
If you run into any issues after we send you the unlock code contact us and one of our trained professionals will walk you through the process and make sure that phone gets unlocked!
If for some reason your code doesn't work and you sent us the right IMEI, we will do our best to get you the right code or get the problem fixed. If for some reason we cannot unlock your phone, we will refund your purchase. (If the phone is blacklisted, stolen etc this does not apply)
For all HTCs, LGs if you try and order a CDMA unlock code because your locked carrier is one of the following, Verizon, Sprint, Boost Mobile, US Cellular you will not be refunded as our system is automatic and we get charged for the wrong carrier. We cannot unlock CDMA phones and putting down the wrong carrier on specific models which result in no refund. We can only unlock GSM phones.
We cannot unlock CDMA phones including but not limited to, phones locked to Verizon, Sprint, Boost Mobile and US Cellular. We cannot unlock any phone that starts with a 99 IMEI. Type *#06# in the dial pad to find your IMEI. We cannot unlock refurbished HTC phones. Also, if your HTC phone is locked to a network in Romania, Hungary, Croatia, Austria, Macedonia, Netherlands or Tanzania, we cannot unlock it. Also if the phone is blacklisted by the carrier we cannot unlock it. See to check if its blacklisted or not.
As you browse The Unlocking Company, advertising cookies will be placed on your computer so that we can understand what you are interested in. Our display advertising partner, AdRoll, then enables us to present you with retargeting advertising on other sites based on your previous interaction with The Unlocking Company. The techniques our partners employ do not collect personal information such as your name, email address, postal address or telephone number. You can visit this page to opt out of AdRoll and their partners’ targeted advertising.
That's correct! All you need is your phone and the unlock code and you're set. You can be anywhere in the world geographically and the code never expires so unlock at your convenience!
After you order If you want to track your purchase please click "track order" at the top of the website. You can always email as well.
All you need is your phone, the unlock code and a non accepted sim card!
Once you receive the unlock code simply power on your phone with a sim card that is a different carrier than your phone, soon as your phone boots up it will recognize the non accepted sim card and immediately prompt you to enter the unlock code. Type it in and press enter, it will alert you it was accepted, and now your phone is 100% unlocked. Whole process takes maybe 2 or 3 minutes.
Absolutely not! Unlocking your phone is just one of the many great capabilities of cell phones. Phones we're created to accept unlock codes, to be unlocked, and doing so is just taking advantage of one the normal every day functions.
Yes. You can restore, update, download, modify, etc as many times as you like.
Once you unlock your phone is it permanently unlocked. We're talking forever! Your phone will never re-lock.
Whatever your phone is locked to that is the carrier you should choose. If your phones locked network/carrier is AT&T and you want to use T-mobile, choose AT&T when checking out.
Absolutely not! Phone unlocking is 100% legal and endorsed by almost every carrier and manufacturer in the world. Not only is it beneficial to the user but it also has became very popular with all the pre-paid companies springing up all over the world. They're business model relies on user's bringing their unlocked phones over to their network. With all the great benefits becoming more widely publicized, it has actually become a huge hit among consumers and in the tech world and we expect it to only get bigger!
Absolutely. You can unlock your phone at any time on or off contract for any reason. Keep using your current contract or use several at a time with your unlocked phone. People going on vacation, have several carriers, are selling their phone in the future, etc. there are tons of situations or instances where people unlock their phones and keep the same carrier for years to come.
Not at all. Unlocking your phone does not effect any current contracts you're in.
No they will not know nor will they care. As long as you are in good standing with your carrier they don't care what you do with your actual phone and that includes unlocking it.
How fast we get the code depends on the manufacturer we get it from. We submit every order the minute you purchase but once we hand it off to the manufacturer the time it takes to process and send us back the unlock code takes anywhere from a couple seconds to a few days. You can find all the average delivery times on the website when you select your phone.
We pay a small fee to the manufacturer for every unlock code we request and in turn must do the same. What we can guarantee you is our prices are well below market average!
Some manufacturer's charge more than others so depending on their prices ours vary as well.
We accept Paypal, along with on Paypal you can use a credit or debit card. Each purchase is secure via Paypal.
Yes in order to avoid roaming charges unlock your phone and when arrive at your destination simply purchase and use a local pre-paid sim card for the duration of your trip. It's very cheap, your phone will work just as it does on your normal carrier, and when you get home just swap sim cards again and you're back in business.
Absolutely just purchase and we will email you the unlock code and instructions to the email you provide us. Once unlocked you can choose whatever carrier you like.
Yes and that's actually a very smart move. Pre-paid carrier's don't lock you down to a lengthy and expensive contract for years at a time and also are usually over half the cost. They use the same towers as the bigger carriers so you receive the same reliable fast coverage. As people smarten up and competition grows we have definitely seem a big swing towards pre-paid networks the last couple years.
Yes by almost 50%. When you sell the phone make sure you unlock it first because more buyers will be interested in purchasing and that drives the price up.
Absolutely not. Unlocking your phone simply lifts the software lock that was placed on there originally and doesn't erase or delete anything on the phone.
Every feature will work flawlessly just as it did before you unlocked the phone. Data you will need to manually move over using APN settings from the new carrier!
Yes. No matter what carrier you use or how many times you switch everything will work exactly the same as it did before you switched carriers.
There really isn't any.
Contact us and we will help!
Most phones come locked by the carrier but an easy way to find out is to just enter a different carrier's sim card and see if it picks up signal. If it doesn't then the phone is locked.
Contact us and we will help!
Absolutely! We are a worldwide company! Every day we have visitors from over 120 countries looking to unlock over 400 different carrier's across the globe.
That's right! We offer every currency from every country in the world.
Being a worldwide company we do business with customer's on a daily basis from all over the world a lot of them English is their second language or don't speak it at all. We will do our best to help you!
Yes, feel free to contact us via email at sales@theunlockingcompany or live chat us on the website!
Please email us at and we will do our best to unlock your phone!
Unfortunately someone has already tried typing in the incorrect unlock code too many times and now your phone is hard-locked and is unable to be unlocked.
Absolutely. Contact us and we will get you a discount code immediately.
Yes we always have various promotions and discount code offers. Please contact us and we will send you some ways to save money.
Contact us about wholesale and we will set you up with a wholesale account.
Have a look around the website and if you have any questions we're open 24/7 to assist you. Otherwise thank you for reading and we hope you decide to unlock with us!
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Phone Unlock Codes, How to Unlock Cell Phones, Mobile Phone Unlocking, Unlock Cell Phone, Unlock Mobile Phone
Things to Know
Phone Unlock Codes, How to Unlock Cell Phones, Mobile Phone Unlocking, Unlock Cell Phone, Unlock Mobile Phone
Reasons to Choose The Unlocking Company
  • 7 Years Experience and 3 Million Unlocked
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • 24/7 Live Support
  • Lowest Price Guarantee
  • 100% Safe and Secure via Paypal
Phone Unlock Codes, How to Unlock Cell Phones, Mobile Phone Unlocking, Unlock Cell Phone, Unlock Mobile Phone
Common questions answered
  • Unlocking does not void your warranty
  • It is 100% legal
  • It is very simple: no technical smarts needed
  • Codes are 100% correct and safe
  • Does not harm the phone
Phone Unlock Codes, How to Unlock Cell Phones, Mobile Phone Unlocking, Unlock Cell Phone, Unlock Mobile Phone
Why should I unlock my phone?
  • Use every gsm carrier in the world
  • No more roaming charges
  • Don't be stuck to one contract for years
  • Raises the resell value
  • No more network restrictions
  • "I called the customer support agent and asked a question i wasn't sure about and they walked me through the whole process in a few minutes. thanks everyone!" - Ryan Zanggg
  • "Was traveling out of town the next day and got my code just as described. great customer support and i even called 4 times!" - southern girl
  • "Very helpful! Took a little while to get the code but still faster than anyone else." - Jon D.
  • "Wow!! Thanks guys! Unlocked it no problem." - Jamie :)))
  • "Can't complain. good support, better price than most. And you can contact them like 15 different ways!" - Mo
  • "Tried unlocking the wrong phone and got a free credit! you guys rockkkk!!!" - hapy customer!
  • "So happy with the quick response time!!!" - Amy Z.
  • "Great service, got my code here in India within minutes, great support when I got stuck unlocking. 5 stars!!" - Ricky Ostertag
  • "Really take care of their customers!! Can ask any questions, they help with every issue. Helped my son unlock his phone overseas so he could call his mom! Thanks" - Mom of 3
  • "Spoke with someone on the Phone for 20 minutes, great guys and gals at this company!!" - Zach S
  • "Undeniably the best unlocking company online!! oooofa. love it." - 1#NEWB
  • "Cheap prices, great reputation online. and apparently I was there 500,000 order!! hah score one for me!" - Danny Scheider
  • "Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!" - Mandy T.
  • "great job guys got it within 15 minutes now my phones unlocked." - brit z
  • "price was good. took a few minutes longer than i thought but i emailed and they answered asap that was nice. going up to toronto and can use my tmobile phone up there" - Jonny Ames
  • "woooooo got my phone unlocked early this morning. got it quickly and the customer service was great! had an issue but cleared it up quickly" - SANDY L
  • "Got phone unlocked. AAA+!!!!!!" - Mo H.
  • "got my samsung infuse unlocked and working on simple mobile. speed isn't as fast but i got a cheap code and good service. i'll be back" - Tim B.
  • "just unlocked my LG phone. superb job" - Jesse
  • "I wasn't sure about unlocking shopping but i am very happy. I want to give this company 10 stars out of this world!! found them on googe i think it was and looked around a few other sites and these guys we're from the reviews one of the better ones. got my new phone unlocked that i just got this morning for my bday present and flying out of town in a couple days so i can take it wherever. very happy and i'll be sure to tell anyone i can!" - Lacey M
  • "Yo lovin the unlocking. got this thing workin on my prepaid server in seconds. got snagged up but they helped quick. props" - Zachy boy
  • "got my galaxy s3 unlocked. didnt wanna pay but my carrier wouldn't even call me back for whatever dumb reason. two thumbs up" - BRy
  • "very good!! came down here from texas and needed a phone. unlocked and rockin. thank you for the help as well whoever you are" - Jose D.
  • "tried calling. no answer. skyped and they answered asap. wasn't sure if i could unlock my phone but they did it. 4 out of 5 stars. will be coming back" - Becky L S
  • "5 stars!!!!" - Yemen
  • "i don't know where to leave this feedback but i will here i guess. very pleased with my phone and how fast it was. didn't think it was this easy either. thanks everyone" - Robby R
  • "got my Sony code in seconds almost!! haha. word to you guys. got another blackberry i'll email you for a discount." - Landon
  • "The Best bought received code and unlocked HTC one s within 10 min, you have a customer for life" - Larry
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